The Evil Unicorn is like a horse with a horn in the middle if its forehead but its EVIL.

They are amazing creatures. During the day you will hardly see them. If you wait near an alleyway past 6:00pm you will see it. Don’t say anything mean to it or you will be in deep fait.It can shoot lasers out of its eyes. It can fly by jumping and saying fly at the same time.


The Evil Unicorn lives in the evil dimension. Its house is made out of human bones. It has a portal inside its house so it can go to the normal world. The house is covered in human skin. The floor is made out of human skin superglued together



It has dark red fur to make it look scary to humans. It has beaming black eye balls to make it look aggressive. The Evil Unicorn has a black and red horn as sharp as a steak knife. It’s got hooves made out of unbreakable bones. Its eyes are made out if unbreakable glass.


The Evil Unicorn eats wither roses to get faster, eats human skin to make it fly higher, eats Haribo to make its head stronger, eats chocolate to teleport further and drinks blood to stop time.


It is not shy. It is just a little bit aggressive. It is kind of kind. It doesn’t like surprises. It isn’t afraid of anything.  


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