cracked Conditions

The Neverbelieve Island in Cracked Conditions

It’s horrible to think of an empty space that used to be the Neverbelieve Island.

Because it is in threat, we need your help!

If you don’t, it will collapse and crack into nothingness!

Will you take on the challenge and save this island which is at most importance?

Global Warming is severely damaging the atmosphere because factories are getting bigger and bigger.  However, people are getting happier and happier. This is because market sales are getting cheaper since they have 1OX more of everything. But it is crucial to STOP taking things for granted and think about what will happen the beautiful environment.

In addition, factories are making plastic. Plastic is not good for marine-life nor land animals. They can eat it or get stuck in it. That can cause them illness or suffocation.

Due to the Ink Lily Tree, black acid rain is falling from the sky and is hazardous to other trees. We have to stop pollution in the ground. We must take care of nature. Pollution has caused these monstrosities that are called Ink Lily Trees and we cannot allow them to keep growing. So stop littering and causing them to grow. I’ve not littered in YEARS!

Toxic air has been claimed to be the Devil Flower’s pollen and factory smoke combined. I’ve already talked about factories so I’ll talk about the Devil Flower. As a result, these things are dangerous to Neverbelive residents (or mortals) because of its breath-taking pollen. They have killed almost 2,753 residents by growing in their gardens, being mistaken for a Poppy. It is not acceptable for people losing their lives because of a flower. To stop them, DO NOT cut down trees. They grow on their stumps and only take 15 minutes to fully grow So don’t cut down trees please.

Now you know what we’re doing to this island, you need to stop doing them things. Remember don’t litter, don’t cut down trees and DON’T pollute ANYTHING. So look after the island and the world.

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