Deavill, Land of the Dead, is dying

It pains me to say, but, Deavill is crumbling under our feet. We must come together to stop the infection of the Villarus. A drunk man brought a bottle of Filly to Deavill and threw it in a cave. A mountain goat drank the Filly and turned yellow and orange boils appeared all over it. It was at that moment, the Villarus began. The man was arrested, but he had already gotten the infection. He infected the police men so now we do not have that force to help Deavill.

We must help cure the infected and keep them contained for now. The only cure is three whole gallons of Juntaule Juice. They are sold at the Keepend shops scattered around Deavill. This is bigger than the Covid-19 pandemic. This is serious.

There is only one way to know if you have the Villarus so you can cure before the boils and ten hour time limit. Take a shower using Dauntae soap mixed with Hantana Sizer. If your eyes turn sunshine yellow, you have it. Goats are really contagious so be careful around them.

The Deavill government are working on a solution, so keep safe for now.



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