It’s impossible to imagine a world without Edurna. Upsettingly the island is near eternal extinction, will you rise to the challenge and save Edurna.


The external eclipse flowers that only blooms every eclipse this flower is only found in Edurna. When it blooms it shoots vines everywhere and the vines contain a special liquid that can heal anything from a bruise to death but it’s on the bridge of extinction because of  illegal harvesting by other lands and the plant is thital to the creatures on Edurna.


Furthermore, the precious ice shards which only freezes in Edurna is melting because of global warming and pollution. 


In addition, Edurna is in danger of flooding. The rare icebergs of the south are melting because of pollution, to add to this rubbish is floating in the seas which is killing the rare golden serpent which provides  the life force for all water serpents.


Moreover an overuse of the special blue lava for fuel is causing trees and flowers to wither and die. Shockingly, air pollution has begun to kill baby dragons from the North, these poor baby dragons are choking and falling to their deaths. This is not allowed to continue; we must save Edurna and insure that the island doesn’t disappear forever. 


Habitats are being destroyed and rivers poisoned, animals are dying. This state of affair cannot continue and it’s crucial we do this. No one-but a fool would allow this.

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