Shrek Island in Perilous Plight 

By Elijah SJPS


                    The island of Shrek, the island is a magnificent island of

                     Shrek where they frolic like a diamond in the night sky 

                      they love to jam to Allstars the song, they bob there

                     Heads up and every Friday they dash around in the tall

                      thick grass.And the majestik Shrek willow tree that they

                     Prays with all there haret 


                      But we have devastating news the government are dupping

                       Toxic waste on the sea bay the Shreks are dying at a alarming 

                       rate they have started chopping down the Shrek willow tree

                       For survival thay are cry in guilt that they had to resort to that.

                       We need to stop now at this second

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