Everything Island

It’s hard to imagine that the island of everything is being attacked by these people.Some catastrophic events have been happening to the island and it is your responsibility to help this island and protect it.


The candy floss trees, only grow on the island of Everything is the other source of food if the god flower is dead.Furthermore, the candy floss trees are pink, sometimes blue are the food for the people to eat.Furthermore,the Candy Floss trees of are getting chopped down by illegal logging companies from earth 2.They stole all of the Candy Floss land wood from the trees.Subsequently,Candy Floss land would be no more if they keep doing this.


Sadly, the Island of Everything is being attacked by pollution, due to the people throwing rubbish into the chocolate river.Visitors have left and animals are dying.


People that come to the island on boats make the rivers toxic because they are oil fuelled engines.Also, air pollution struck the island making our people and children finding it hard to breath.This madness cannot continue, we must act before this island turns into the island of nothing.


The sacred God Flower is mostly used to provide food and is very vital to the people,especially the galaxy fruity,it has the most protein out of all the other foods.The God Flower is quite useful and can last for a long time,however,the God Flower died due to illegal harvesting.The God flower is so rare there is only one of them in the whole universe.


The Candy Floss forest,that only grows on the Island of Everything,is the other source of food if  the God Flower is not alive.The leaves of the Can

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