Fidgets Island

It’s hard to imagine a world without fidgets  land . Disappointingly ,the lands are facing serious danger and without  your help there will be no fidgets in the world ! Will you answer the call to help save fidgets land ? 

The pop is a flower that only grows on Fidgets Island and is vital to the precious people who live there because it helps provide concentration. The poppets that dangle from branches provide a perfect ‘pop’ that is very satisfying. This means that everyone hears the satisfying sound.


However, this amazing flower is dying because people are over – using them and popping them too much. As a result, the people of fidget Island are struggling to concentrate. 


Furthermore, half of the fidget flowers on the Island have died out and a huge area of trees have been chopped down by the ‘poppet haters’. They have stolen the fidget toys and put them in a safe place hidden away. They plan to illegally sell them to tourists and become very rich. 


Plants are being trampled and trees are being attacked. This state of affairs cannot continue and it is critical that we work together in order to protect our Island. This cannot continue – it must be stopped!


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