Galactic unicorn

Galactic Unicorn

A galactic unicorn is like a horse. But it can fly and has a spiral horn on the middle of its fore head.

Galactic unicorns are extremely bizarre creatures. Their favourite chocolate is a galaxy bar .They come to earth every so often, normally it comes at 4pm-6am so you’re lucky to see a galactic unicorn.


Galactic unicorns are nearly always flying in the vacuum of space. There’s cool things in the vacuum of space let me show you. There is massive meteor fields which are lived in by weird aliens. The planets are lifeless they weren’t actually lifeless along time ago, the planets had everything you would want like food, water, life and a beautiful habitat. The sun, the sun is the reason their alive, it’s their energy basically so it’s extremely important. There is dozens of broken down spaceships that unicorns need to clean up.


The galactic fur is the most beautiful thing ever it’s very bright and is a beauty to the eye, its eyes are as bright as a star, so if you see someone with glasses on at night you’ll know why. The wings are like rocket wings when they fly little specs of glitter come off it.


 They like to eat Meteors MEET-EE-ORS, they sound delicious right? To be honest they’ll eat anything but their favourite is definitely Saturn’s ring its extremely mouth-watering and it’s like a piece of cake but the thing is your only aloud it….Per day, No no , Per week?! , No no, PER MONTH?! Nope, PER YEAR!? Yea! Lifeless planets I hate eating these because it feels like there is life on them.


Galactic unicorns have to keep space safe so when they see destruction they get ANGRY like really ANGRY they get so angry they probably kill life then they get put in time out, they get really sensitive and cry. When they are in time out they get anxious that destruction is getting caused.

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