Grass unicorn

A grass unicorn is a unicorn with magical powers it can turn everything it touches to grass. This magical thing is also a beast. It is not friendly like you or me but fierce like an angry rhinoceros.


Interestingly they mostly seen on farms, hills, meadows and fields. They are rarely seen though because they can blend in on what’s around them. Additionally they can only properly be seen on Halloween.


A grass unicorn is a black, grass-covered, blue- eyed monster. It has the most beautiful green and white wings and rainbow hooves. Additionally its horn is green and also covered in grass.


Surprisingly it is allergic to hay apples and carrots. It only eats :mud, candle-wax, and trees. Its favourite food is mud and least favourite is broccoli.


Curiously it dose not like humans or animals but only likes others of its kind. It will attack anything that comes near it even if its just a leaf.

One Response to “Grass unicorn”

  1. Your title drew me in close as soon as I saw it, though you may want to put more imagination into the powers. What inspired this? Well Done!

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