Have you ever seen a Halloween unicorn?

The Halloween unicorn, which is a spooky, powerful breed, is only ever seen in Autumn. During this season children and their families try to spot the unicorn before Winter arrives. Much to the surprise of a few lucky families, the Halloween unicorn has been seen and can be found dropping sweets down to lucky children. However, there is a lot more to know about the Halloween unicorn, than its special sweet deposits.

The Halloween unicorn, which is a very unique unicorn, is called Trickster. It is not easy to recognise because it only tends to come out in the dark and sleeps during the daytime. Trickster, who has inky black fur and eyes as small as an ant, flies through the sky, with its wings 4 metres wide. With a horn that looks like a lollipop, guiding him through the sky. The most significant power that Trickster has is the ability to stay alive forever.

The Halloween unicorn, which lives in wooded areas and castles, makes its nest from deforestation and fallen autumnal leaves. He likes to fly around, keeping an eye on everyone, making sure they are not in danger. He is especially good at scaring off any bad people, who may be threatening others. He loves to soar high in the sky, dancing through clouds and delighting young children with sweets from time to time. The Halloween unicorn, who can fly, drop sweets and surprise, can make an appearance when you are least expecting it.

During the Winter, Spring and Summer, the Halloween unicorn relaxes and refuels ready for Autumn. He collects special rocks and gems from secluded beaches and bays, which he then harvests to create the amazing, sweet treats he gives out in the Autumn. This can be a long process, which can take between 6 and 9 months to get ready.

The Halloween unicorn, which is big with its wingspan, is actually not intimidating. He is friendly and likes to watch families having fun. He only ever becomes frightening, if someone is in danger, or scared.

If you think you have seen the Halloween unicorn, who is called Trickster, then you must try and keep this a secret, to protect him and make sure you continue to get the lovely sweets.

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