In the land of neverending stars

In the Land of Ending stars

Its hard to imagine a world without the Land of Never-Ending stars.

Sadly, the Island is under immediate threat and without   your help it would not be beautiful any more.

The fire -red orange and yellow tulips witch on grow on the Land of Ending Stars, have pollen to cure diseases. They are immediate threat of extinction. Its vital to save this amazing fire tulip. The people of the Island are getting so worried that the could have no medicine.

Furthermore, trees have been chopped down – approximately 1,000 and 200 a day: people and animal won’t be able to breathe no one but a foal would be able to ignore this. To help donate 10 pounds to save

We need to do this together if one person does not do this it will not please do this SAVE THIS PLANNIT. At save planet one or phone: 54678 32789 thank you.

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  1. Well done for creating a persuasive article, just take care that the title matches the name of your planet in the text next time.

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