Island of coral cove by Rory

Alarmingly the island of coral cove is being attacked by sharks it is hard to imagine a world without such an exotic place the consequences are catastrophic so we cannot let this happen  need all the help we can get.

It is so important because the Halloween oak has ingredients what can save your life . It is crucial because it is the only place where you can get the Halloween oak. Sharks are coming and eating the Halloween oak and thinking it’s small fish what they can eat. The bright red rose also has ingredients what can save your life this cannot happen will you do your duty and rise to the challenge. It is so special because it only grows in the land of coral cove. The plant is dying because no one believes it is real so no one is there to take care of.

Another problem is pollution visitors are coming and polluting the air in the land of coral cove and it is making people really sick. We urge you to help it is not just air pollution people are coming and throwing litter in to the ocean and it is killing our animals. This is not okay and it needs to stop because it is popular animals like whales are becoming extinct because of it.

Natural habitats are also being destroyed as well you can can call us at 01942 1234 or look at our website at we save

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