Magic Belive Island

It’s hard to imagine a world without The Island of Magic Believe . Sadly, the Island of Magic

Believe is under immediate danger and without your help there will be serious danger! Will you answer the call to help save this previous group of islands?


The bright gold, Goldenflower that only grows in the Island of Magic Believe is vital to the people who live there because it provides the universe’s favourite golden sweets . The polka dot gold and white eggs provide a human diet of protien  and carbohydrate. This means that everyone is wellhournesed . However, this beautiful flower has been pushed to the blink of extinction by illegal harvesting.


Furthermore, the Forest of Candyfloss Trees have been chopped down by illegal logging companies that have come from other Islands . They have stolen the wood and extracted the precious sap from the Candyfloss trees by crushing the blue and pink Candyfloss trees by crushing the blue and pink Candyfloss until it is pulped. Which is used as medicine. 


In addition to this,  Magic Believe Island is under threat of extreme pollution ; the Island does not have a chance of survival. Visitors to the island , who obviously have no respect for the plants or wildlife,they leave huge amounts of rubbish behind when they depart.


Oil has been leaked from all the cars around the island. This caused acid rain. Acid has fell onto people causing them not to breath or die, younger children can’t breath, but adults can die.


Please visit our website or go around and pick up the rubbish you see laying on the floor. Please, this will make a big difference. Join our website at http/Pinkle Purr Freedom Campaign.

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