Mayhem at Mystic Island by Ria

Mayhem On Mystic Island

Can you imagine all the unicorns nearly extinct just because of you! Everyone is capturing the unicorns and keeping them as slaves. What are YOU going to do about it?

The Royalchesnut  was the ONE AND ONLY flower that knows where the unicorns are . It is the most magical flower in the fairies eyes. The flower is in danger because humans are stealing it. Everyone is scared and worried about their unicorns. As a result the unicorns are in pain. The unicorns keeps everyone safe so we can’t survive either. It is crucial that people are doing this to innocent people,including themselves!

The ChocolateBrownie daisy is nearly extinct the roots provide nutritional vitamins that keep the animals healthy and safe but people aren’t watering the daisies. If this continues to happen the animals are going to get very ill. It is not fair we care for people but not plants.

As you can see, Mystic Island is under threat, people are visiting our forests but then clear bags are scattered everywhere. Lots of our rare fishes are getting killed! YOU MADE THIS MESS SO FIX IT!

We cannot also the people of Mystic Island make factories because the children might breath into it and they will get extremely sick and we don’t have enough hospitals!

The turtles have been poisoned by a masked person. WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! We need  all the help we can get! Take immediate steps and call our campaign line or visit our website see details below. Remember you can be a hero!Attachment.png

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