Mayhem on Moonflower Island by Rhianna

Magical misty moonflower island by Rhianna.

It’s hard to imagine that moonflower island is in collosal immediate death ********* your job to help us.Are you going to help moonflower island from death?

We cannot allow the magnificent moonflower island the only one what grows golden syrup.To be forced to be cut down and it’s going to cause an extreme war.Soon it will vanish if you don’t help immediately just know it is very important because imagine having our moonflower at risk of death we need all the help we can get extremely fast.

Thirdly the oak tree is in danger as you can see it’s very important that you help were trying are best to keep calm.Due to flames getting bigger and spreading faster on moonflower island we would like everyone to stay away we have also had many complains and consequences due to fires getting closer to houses. I am very sorry were doing everything we can but we need your help because are magical misty tree is in great danger.thankyou.

Sadly fires are getting lager and a tiny edge away from burning moonflower island also fires are causing illnesses and kids are getting very ill people are throwing more and more rubbish in the fire day by day we need it to STOP PLEASE. Stop polluting it is making kids very sick and setting things on fire please help us to fix this immediately if you don’t are world is going to have nothing left especially it is important that we save moonflower island THANKS.

Furthermore you can help by ringing 01234567890 to talk how you can you can text 2044 to donate a £1 or more.thirdly you can visit our site what is please we appreciate you.are you kind enough to help wild life? Thank you so much.

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