Neverbelieve island in danger by Seren.

                  Neverbelieve island is in danger

With out a doubt ,Neverbelieve island is in catastrophic danger!No one could imagine a world with out the incredible island.Do you have the courage to do your duty and save this island?

Furthermore,It is being badly polluted so some of our animals are dying and being led to extinction.Could you imagine all them amazing animals gone?

Alarmingly, the pollution is also harming their wonderful weeping willows which provides a very important medicine within its gorgeous green vines.It is critical that you save this sacred tree it is the only that provides that kind of medicine.

Thirdly the Dark daisy is also dying out because the water it drinks is full of dangerous chemicals.It makes the most fantastic fruit , The Dark daisy is the only plant that gives that fruit .Will you help to save the Dark daisies?

The fish and other sea creatures that live in that poisoned water are also in danger.This needs to be stopped! Why would you let them be harmed? Will you help our beautiful sea life?

Finally,why are you littering our island, small animals are getting caught in your litter, we urge you to stop putting your litter on our island!Do you want to keep on harming these animals?

Will you help out?Visit our website and donate two pounds a month at so we can overcome this perilous problem?

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