NeverBelieve Island in terrible condition

It’s a shame that the NeverBelieve Island is coming to an end. It was once a lovely land full of beautiful dreams, wonders and endless happiness, but is now under a large threat. Without your help this situation is going to get even worse. Will you give us a helping hand and end this once and for all?

The magical and everlasting Windtree that only lives in the NeverBelieve Island is really special to the people who live there because it grants luck to people who are struggling  in life and also is a peaceful place to be if you want alone time. Unfortunately, the Windtree has been losing its power recently and is slowly dying because of the sadness around it.

Moreover, the field of poppies has been illegally cut off without permission by people who come from different islands. They’ve been stealing our poppies, leaving it in a mess. The poppies only grow on the NeverBelieve Island and are really rare  so thieves can sell them around the world for a large sum of money.

To top this off, NeverBelieve Island is in danger because of pollution. Guest’s have treated here wrongly and even our people have littered the streets and buildings are being trashed by the rough activity of other people.

Alarmingly, we all know that we must not do bad in the Island of NeverBelieve but yet we cut down trees and throw rubbish carelessly and we don’t do anything about it. Therefore we need you to help us treat our Island better, clean up after ourselves and not leave it in terrible condition. We are asking you to join our mission so we can save our precious Island. Look at our website if you want to find out more or take part in our journey and remember, make a change no matter what!

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