Neverbelieve island is endangered Will

Neverbelieve Island is endangered.

Unfortunately,horrible things have happened to  Neverbelieve Island. Animals are about to get extinct but most of all pollution is in the oceans. Do you have what it takes to help Neverbelieve island.

The sacred autumn poppy that only grows in Neverbelieve but it’s very precious because it helps people with it’s diet but people are doing. We cannot allow illegal harvesting people on Neverbelieve Island does not want this to go extinct.

Futhermore, The rain forest of Halloween birch’s are getting chopped down. It is not acceptable to have illegal lumberjacks chopping down trees. The lumberjacks are selling it to different county’s in the universe.

In addition,Neverbelieve island is getting ruined with are pollution. This means that are turtle and tropical fish are dying. We must not let the tropical fish become extinct there are only 55 left please save the fish but there’s a big problem. Air pollution has been spreading around the island people are dying from this. Are island is about to get ruined.

Different habitats are getting ruined and are rivers are getting polluted. The forest is in endanger. Everything is ruined. We just want the island even Earth needs to be a happier place. Please call 0712 34782.

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