Olympic Unicorn by Amelia

The Olympic Unicorn

The Olympic Unicorn (Olympicorn for short) is classed as a common unicorn as there is one born every time a new athlete to compete in the Olympic Games meaning thousands live today. Olympicorns cherish every moment of life and encourage kindness among unicorns and olimpicornlings (baby olypicorns ). Despite being extremely supportive and equal Olympicorns also take pride in their strength. Lazycorns are the exact opposite of Olympicorns as they believe in no sport whatsoever this causes arguments between the two. Of course the Olympicorns win but this still leaves them feeling guilty over the other unicorns loss. One of these unicorns biggest fears are humans so people struggle to catch sight or come near these wonderful, powerful creatures. Although often unhappy with humans nearby, the unicorns can make a special movement with their horn to say they approve of a person approaching.

These unicorns are spread out all across the world in different stadiums but the most popular home to the Olympicorn is the Tokyo National Stadium in Japan where approximately 9000 of this type live. These Olympicorns prepare all year for the Olympic Games where they have to leave their home for 2 weeks and find a new place to live. The majority of unicorns stay in the local area but some run to the Himalayan mountains to find a new home altogether where they start a new life with new friends. These Olympicorns   often have the strongest case of humanphobia.


Olympicorns are easily recognisable because of their colours being identical to the five Olympic  rings. They have long yellow,red and black hair with multicoloured legs and a colourful pointy horn. It also has white fur with the Olympic symbol printed into its skin. The olympicorn wears a shimmering, gold, silver or bronze medal which shows what category of training they are in Gold meaning a fully- trained, trustworthy adult. Olypicornlings look mostly the same as their parents although they will not have their medals yet or have the rings on their fur.


These unicorns are quite unusual as they suprisingly don’t eat! You probably wonder how they get all their energy for sport. simply they run and that gives them all the energy they need.  Olypicornlings cannot survive more then 96 hours withought food though because they are only young meaning there is a mini hunt just beforehand to catch some fish for the little olypicorns to eat. Olympicorns do drink though, blue raspberry Energy drink is their favourite but any sugary flavoured drink will do. Drinking the energy drinks regularly is important as it helps to keep the colour in there hair as bold as possible.

One thing that Olympicorns love to do is teach their young the ways of the Olympicorn. They do this by showing a sport and using powers to put the olympicornlings into the mindset of the sport which helps them learn about 12x faster. Another thing they love to do is flying which only a small amount of olympicorns can do but they never give up during their practice and overtime the ability will naturally come to the persevering unicorn.

No one has ever seen a flying Olympicorn and as of 2021, if anyone takes a photo of  a flying Olympicorn they will be rewarded with ¥8,000,000 and the front cover of the unique horns magazine!


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