Pizza Planet

It’s extremely hard to imagine a universe with out Pizza Planet.Sadly the planet is facing 

Deconstruction and with out your help there will be no more planet left! Please Come in your 

Rockets to defend are planet.


The Pepperoni Bird is under extinction because of many tourists coming to eat this glorious 

animal.The reason so many people and aliens eat this is because it’s vital and it will give you no more hunger for 2-3 years (but it’s poisonous to babies)!


Additionally the Pizza Planets core is slowly being sucked out.The hot melted cheese core is

being stolen and taken back to earth and sold for millions of bitcoin!


Furthermore,Pizza Planet is under serious threat of mould and the tomato lakes are being adsorbed by the pun!(sun with P) 


Pizza hut , Pizza Express and Prezzos are under attack of astroids made of hazardous rockes 


The planet is dying and creatures are slowly being extinct . This state of affairs cannot continue

and it’s vital that we work together to defend are  planet.No-one but an idiot would let this

spiral  out of control . I urge you to join are fight . Take immediate steps right now.

And remember you can make difference!

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