save the land of the Never believe

Help the land of the Neverbelieve

The Neverbelieve island is getting broken down into little bits. We need people to save the Neverbelieve island because the wild can’t live there and the birds can’t make their nests because people are chopping down trees.


The oceans are getting litter put in them and it’s killing the fish. However, they’re getting tangled and as they’re growing they’re getting strangled and dying. We’re the ones putting the litter in there so we need to stop!


The cars and factories are making people ill because other people are using gas that makes people sick and it cannot continue. The people are causing pollution and it’s wrong we can use electronics and so it doesn’t cause pollution so we can make people healthier.


People with nasty air is letting the air go up whilst the acid rain is coming down and it makes people ill. We need to stop to stop so people can get better and healthier so we need to stop immediately.


In conclusion, I want people to be happy and everyone not to get ill and be happy without throwing litter and letting people chop down trees.

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