It is hard to believe that the wonderful planet Onyx is under such catastrophic danger, and if nothing is done about it then there might not even be a planet left! So will you step up and take on this challenge?

The extraordinary cloud flower is on the brink of extinction due to it being illegally harvested, and used for its delicious berries that are a massive source of nutrition! The people of Onyx are losing a massive part of their diet as well as their main source of food. It is the only planet that has the perfect weather for it to grow so it is at a very high risk of becoming extinct. The citizens of Onyx are becoming frightened of what the future holds.

The Depal forest is disappearing fast. Many creatures want the trees because of their magical leaves. The Depal trees leaves have the power to heal anything they touch. And they can grow in any conditions no matter the weather. Unfortunately, the Zoglins from the planet Granite have got their hands on the trees and they are being chopped down. Now there are not many trees left but no matter what the people do to protect them nothing has worked.

The planet of Onyx also has a massive problem with pollution and plastic not disintegrating. But unlike any other planet the rare Amethyst dolphins are becoming endangered at a rapid speed. The poor dolphins are becoming tangled in pieces of plastic and they are unable to break free, they are also drinking the river water which is heavily polluted with oil from boats.

Dense and hazy smog is setting on the streets and countryside killing some of the most beautiful and rare wildflowers. All of the flying cars and airships that fly through the sky are kicking out massive trails of disgusting fumes. Some of the people living in the city are becoming ill because of all of the fumes they have been inhaling.

So would you like to help the planet of Onyx and bring everyone out off their misery and gloom, please visit our website or call us on +77222333666 for ways to help.

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