The Asian Snow-back

The Asian Snow-back, which is a rare descendent of the Japanese Mountain Unicorn originated from European Russia. The Snow-back will scare of other life on its territory. They also have an appearance to camouflage into rock and snow.

This species of unicorn lives mainly in the Himalaya’s caves. They like the dark so a cave is a perfect place for a home. They tend to live in groups of up to 4 fully grown and 10 snow-babies (what Snow-back’s call their babies/children).

An Asian Snow-back is incredibly hard to identify due to it being able to camouflage into rock and snow. The few packs that live in western China have been identified to have silver fur, which can become grey, a silky tail and a stubbed horn. They also have glittery silver eyes.  There is still a lot of data unicornoligists still have not discovered.

Now we come to a Snow-backs diet. There is little that grown in the Himalayas. That is the reason they eat snowberries and drink snowdrop juice. The western Chinese are more carnivores and feed off of duck and drink noodle sauce.

The behaviour of an Asian Snow-back is like no other unicorn. If any other life that is not in their herd trespasses on their territory they will pay a dire consequence. Did you know most Snow-backs can control however rare genetic mistakes allow them to make fire and control lava.

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  1. Lily H—JMPS—Y6 November 8, 2021 at 9:23 am

    1) I love how imaginative your ideas are and something else I like is how good it’s diet sounds! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

    2) What inspired you to dream up this idea?

    3) Remember to read back your work and double check everything makes sense.

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