The Blood Unicorn

The spine-chilling blood unicorn is a very rare unicorn as it is almost never seen. Generally, if it were to be seen it would only be seen on the spooky Halloween night in a village near the woods. Every year unicornologists gather round on Halloween to try and spot one.

Normally, blood unicorns live in treehouses in pitch-black forests and woods, they all live in groups of ten to twelve so that there are more unicorns to fight off the intruders. There are  two types of blood unicorns, first is the hunter unicorn, the hunter unicorn needs all of the these qualities: to be able to protect the King, be able to kill prey and bring it back without hogging it, able to get along with the others. Next is the king blood unicorn, the king blood unicorn is extremely important and needs to be able to do the following: ration food that is brought back, fight if the only unicorn left and break up fights caused by one of the hunters. Each group or tribe has a king unicorn and the rest are hunters. Furthermore, it is crucial that a tribe has a king unicorn and at least five hunter unicorns, otherwise that tribe  may not survive.

The blood unicorns, despite their name, are actually very beautiful (in their own spooky way)! Generally, the hunter unicorn has a crimson red horn that stores the blood of the beaten, wounded prey. It has roseman-black, sandpaper-like fur and very tattered hooves. It also has a web-white tail and mane so it can blend in with the ghost decorations on Halloween. The unicornologists are extremely intrigued, and as we speak they are studying more and more. Next is the king blood unicorn, the kings actually look the same as the hunters but with two little differences, the king unicorn does not have the crimson red horn like the other unicorns in their group do, that is because they do not hunt so they do not have blood in their horn. They also have one more special difference, the kings have floating, midnight-black crowns above their paper-white horns. They are truly phenomenal.

This in particular type of unicorn’s diet is really very simple. Most of the time, the majority of blood unicorn tribes have the faithful hunters to go out into eerie-black forests (or woods) to kill some prey (which to them is very easy) then they bring back the prey that was sacrificed. Next, it is brought to the king who rations it carefully around the tribe. This is done four times a day as they need a lot of protein for their training. However, the minority of tribes only have a king so then it is not a tribe anymore. This is caused by other types of unicorns or intruders killing all of the hunter blood unicorns. This then means the king has to fight for itself and has no more protection so the king is put under a lot of pressure and danger.

The unicornologists are fighting for the blood unicorns as they are very endangered. People need to stop cutting down the forest trees and many blood unicorns are getting killed and so are many other animals. 

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