The candy unicorn

The Candy unicorns, which is a rare type of flying horse, it is found above clouds. During the past few weeks’ people have spotted the spectacular species above tall buildings such as big ben. However, unicornologists find that eagles have been hunting them down for centuries.


What does a candy unicorn look like?

Candy unicorns are very shy curious creatures they have long cotton candy manes with pink lickerish skin and cloud like hoofs. They like to show off their rainbow eyes and rainbow horn.


What do candy unicorns like to eat?

Surprisingly, candy unicorns don’t like to eat candy they like to eat broccoli, Lettice and cabbage but their favourite food is hey for unicorns it is very rare to eat hey.


Fun Facts About Unicorns!

Did you know the royal candy unicorns have a only royalty power, the Queen has the ability to shoot cotton candy out of her horn and tern people into any type of candy she likes for the King h can make candy Islands but he can only make a candy Paradise once Legend has it he made the candy Island and there is a unicorn safe land were all unicorn leaders met up and created and made a safe and for all unicorns just encase any unicorn gets attacked by eagles. For the princes’ power he can make as many giant gingerbread houses as he wants but when he gets older he will be able to fly and make candy Islands only three times like his dad. Last but not least the princess she has the power to teleport with cotton candy fly and popping out her mane! When she gets older she will have the ability to fly as well as create colossal cotton candy clouds and glow as bright as the sun and as colourful as a rainbow.


What calms unicorns?

To calm candy unicorns, they come out of their dimension and go to a new planet called ponagralyation and they create crystals that turn into mini spas.

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