The Destruction of Neverbelieve Island

The Destruction of Neverbelieve Island


Sadly, Neverbelieve island is being attacked by evil forces, we must fight to stop this or things could be catastrophic for the island of Neverbelieve. The island is losing its inhabitants because of illegal loggers cutting down the sacred watertree, and people are stealing the light flower.


Illegal loggers are cutting down the for an absurd amount of money. We can’t allow this to continue the Neverbelievians water supply is getting lower with every year because of the drop in watertree population.


People are stealing lightflowers to make the best medicine that can cure anything, or use them as a good light source. Now the people of Neverbelieve have almost no way of being guided back home. They have bad eyesight that’s why they need the lightflower.


Very rich people are starting to live on the island of Neverbelieve and building factories that make water planks that don’t even make nice furniture. They are driving unfriendly cars that harm the atmosphere greatly. The carbon dioxide [co2 for short] combines with the rain making acid rain that destroys the grass and farmland so the rain is not good anymore.


In conclusion the island of Neverbelieve is under great threat because of these horrible things. So we must help to stop this. By now you should know how bad this situation is so you can join are website at .uk

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