The Dumpster Unicorn

The Dumpster unicorn, which is the worlds friendliest unicorn, is almost extinct because people think they are rats. Though they are very friendly there are only 1000 Dumpster unicorns left in the United Kingdom.

Only found in Europe these unicorns prefer a damp, mild climate.  Dumpster unicorns make their  home in large bins behind fast food restaurants,though they don’t mind living behind normal restaurants. They live in large family groups so they can huddle up when the nights are cold. These creatures are the smelliest of the unicorn family and their homes stink of rotten fish but that’s how they like it.

The Dumpster unicorn has a very small nose that has adapted to the stench of its habitat. They have smooth waterproof fur and look like large guinea pigs with pot bellies. They have a curly and short horn that is used for storing french fries and they wear plastic bags for shoes so they don’t get sticky rubbish between their toes. They have big pointy elf-like ears and are excellent at hearing predators approaching. They have long skinny legs that curl up so they can fit into small spaces but also mean they are excellent at climbing in and out of dumpsters.

Burgers and left over meals are this unicorns preferred food but they will also eat anything that is thrown into dumpsters like banana peels. They like their food to be a bit rotten so they will leave it in the dumpster for a week until their small noses can smell the horrifically pungent smell. They prefer meat and have teeth strong enough to eat bones but will eat rotten vegetables if they are starving. They do however love french fries.

These are gentle creatures that live in loving family groups, they don’t fight one another and follow the family rules. They are very cheerful unicorns and love to laugh although they have a terrible sense of humor. The Dumpster unicorn is very trusting but this combined with the fact that they look a bit like rats mean they can be easily whacked with a broom or caught in a rat trap.

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