The Flame Unicorn

The Flame Unicorn, which is a shy type of flying horse, is found on volcanoes. Every day, explorers gather and search for this rare creature. During recent lockdown periods, people have been referring to it as the ‘blazing fright’ because because of its burning mane.




Most people think this creature is mythological, but some think not.

However, not much is known about the it.



The Flame Unicorn which lives in the heart of the deadliest volcanoes, swims in the lava and enjoys the sound of bubbling.


The Flame Unicorn is a ferocious beast it as great smoking hooves, a flame tail, lava as it’s blood and a horrible temper.


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  1. 1. I really like this piece you have done a good job.
    2. on the 2 paragraph the last bit doesn’t make sense so maybe you could change that .
    3. if i was you i would of added another paragraph with some facts in it instead of one.

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