The island of mystery by Ellis

The island of mystery by Ellis

Remember the island of mystery it is in great Pearl.With out a doubt the exotic wonderful island is dying.Can you imagine that beautiful island dying from the deadly plastic pollution.Do you have what it take?

The petrifying storm birch powerful lightning powers the blazing sun,Which is key because it only grows on the land of mystery.Because of you the destroying the wonderful trees and lots of animals are dying because of this oxygen has lowered to a dangerous level.The storm birches skinny long branches give medicine to people who have been bitten by a spotty red and green rattle snake.the food that come of it is so healthy that one bite you would feel as energetic as everyone in the world combined.

The electric sunflower is at the most dangerous deadly risk because of you.The Illegal flower chopping company can see the flowers for miles and cutting them.As a result of this people are dying because it makes medicine.join us to stop this happening and save people’s lives.Do you have the courage to help them.

We must stop all the rocket ships going up to space because are fire wales are dying because of the dreadful gasses coming out of the rocket.

It is vital that we stop this virus because of the visitors eating poisonous meat and passing it on.Now,all the medic teams are quitting and kids are dying and families are complaining to the government.If you don’t help know the consequences could be catastrophic.You know what you need to do to help if not read the next paragraph.

Surly you can’t accept this to happen and you won’t help the land of mystery is still in huge Pearl because of the plastic pollution,and air pollution because of all the cars.If you want to help call the phone number below.Remember the island could die.

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