The Land of Indigo

The Land of Indigo


We wouldn’t want to imagine our world without the Land of Indego, however it is under humongous threat. People have been living there for years and soon there might not even be an island to come back to.

Sadly, the Lightening Rose has been polluting the loving island and knocking down peoples’ houses with their powerful tentacles and their fierce petals, like strong, aggressive serpent hairs hungry and determined of  revenge.

Furthermore, people are trying to chop them down but the more they chop down, the more that come up. Everyone is struck with the horrendous situation and who knows what to do?

This could be the worst problem ever that has occurred in the universe and it is spreading as we speak-in horrifying threat to our country. Yells and squeals have


been getting animals stuck and dangerously scared.

Can you step forward and help to bring the island back to its full glory and bring the heartfelt community back together or this could be the end…?

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by Issy

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  1. Well done Issy, I hope your persuasive article helps to save the Land of Indigo. Just take care that your spelling of names is consistent next time.

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