The Land of Light

The land of light


Worryingly the land of light is being destroyed by tourists dropping plastic everywhere . That wont disintegrate! The land has shrunk by 10% in the past month. Will you stand by and let this tragedy happen? We need your HELP!!!

The Moon light flower is under ongoing threat by illegal harvesting from other planets. The Moon Light flower makes sure night comes and goes in the right amount of time. If this tragedy carries on, we might get stuck in complete darkness. Will you let this happen?

Alarmingly, The Sea Cats habitats are getting destroyed by water pollution -transforming our crystal clear waters to stogy, brown waters. We need to act be for its to late!

Unfortunately, The land


Turtles are at the  brink         of extinction because they are getting hunted down for food and illegal market on other planets .They need our help!

Life on the Land of Light Is close to being extinction. Soon there will be no Land of light , if every thing carries on as it is now. WE HAVE TO FIX THIS MESS!

If you would like to learn more and mybe help out PLEASE go to the link below

PLEASE GO TO:    By Florence

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