The Raincorn’s Interesting facts.

The Rain Unicorn or Raincorn as it is sometimes known, is a magical creature that is hardly seen. Amazingly, the Raincorn can make it rain after particularly dry times by tapping its hoof three times on a special cloud.

The Rain Unicorn lives amongst the fluffy, white clouds found higher up, towards the moon. It lives in a small herd- normally about thirteen of them, known as a Corncophany. At night they huddle up and form a unicorn trust circle and fluff up the clouds around them to protect their young from being taken by their enemies (who are the terrible Drought Unicorns from the South Sahara skies).

The Raincorn are a wonder to look at, if you are lucky enough to see one. They have shiny, ebony black, swishy-long manes with glints of diamond dust. Their eyes are shaped like rain drops and are as blue as the deepest ocean. Surprisingly, their fur is multicoloured with each colour melting into one another as if the rain has smudged them together. Interestingly their hooves are normally orange but can change to the colour green in the sun.

Their diet is extremely surprising but perhaps not for this magical creature- they eat shooting stars which are caught by their handmade star-sucking, golden trumpets. They dip the stars in edible cloud dust that tastes like gummy bears with a hint of lemon. For a treat, these spectacular animals eat moon rocks which have different tastes- such as: watermelon grass; pumpkin pie and custard creams filled with mayonnaise (sounds disgusting but they love it!)

The Rain Unicorn can show different types of behaviour at different times. When it is raining the Raincorn is delighted and shows off its happiness by leaping over rainbows. However, when the weather is hot and sunny it usually curls up in a moody, sad ball and its mane looses all its sparkle and shine. Additionally the unicorn is usually scared of lightening and aeroplanes and acts in a very skittish way.

Many people believe that it is good luck to see a Raincorn but very few people actually have. So remember to look up to the clouds when it’s raining and if you look very closely you may see a glimpse of this fantastical creature.

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