The Storm Unicorn

The Storm Unicorn is a creature, but not just any creature.  A brave, fierce, outstanding creature.  The Storm Unicorn has a whine as loud as thunder.  Each unicorn has an incredible power and the Storm Unicorn has the power of being able to summon lightning.  The Storm Unicorn, like many other unicorns, is only fierce when their young are being threatened.

The Storm Unicorn loves rain and when I say loves I mean loves!  It drinks rain, bathes in rain, and even is made out of rain.  The Storm Unicorn has many places it lives such as on top of a mountain or in the worst of storms (right in the eye of them).  They breed their young in their nest on top of Mountain Carrauntoohil – the tallest mountain in Ireland.

The Storm Unicorn has an appearance of an invisible creature.  It has a sleek, bold appearance with a coat of rain that can absorb lightning.  The Storm Unicorn has curved hooves like sharp daggers which enable it to climb incredibly easily.  Its horn is a huge bolt of lightning.

The Storm Unicorn’s diet is a very interesting diet indeed.  Its favourite food is Griffins.  Yes, you heard me right……Griffins.  Surprisingly it is very hard to catch them because they are the fastest creature on earth, their speed measuring 750 miles per hour.  They also like to eat mountain trolls.  Sometimes if they’re feeling really hungry they will have a King mountain troll who are so big they can’t fit through a doorway.

Most unicorns are calm and gentle but the Storm Unicorn is none of those things.  It is grumpy and never stops being grumpy.  It has always somehow found a way to whine.  It can be incredibly deadly if its young are being attacked.   Have you ever seen lightning before?  Well, that lightning is a Storm Unicorn when its young are being threatened.  Now you know about the Storm Unicorn you can choose whether you want to or don’t want to meet it for yourself.  I’d advise you not to!

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