The Volcano unicorn

     Interestingly, the volcano unicorn has cold, lava-looking fur, ash black eyes, which can see your soul, and a flowing lava tail and mane.

Amazingly, the Volcano Unicorns don’t have strong teeth so they can only eat the ash from the volcanos that they live in.

Lastly, Volcano Unicorns have a kind and caring attitude, which which means they are kind to all animals, but sometimes (when they are furious) they can get grumpy and very violent.They will charge at you and huff before walking away.

3 Responses to “The Volcano unicorn”

  1. 1) I like the concept of the Volcano Unicorn very much and I think it would make a brilliant fictional character.

    2) Where did you think of this volcano unicorn?

    3) When you have finished, go over and check spellings.

  2. 1) I like that the volcano dragon has lava looking fur.

    2) What inspired you to make the idea of a lava dragon.

    3) Maybe you could go back read it out loud to make sure it makes sense.

    To make it even better, you could of made a few words even better.

  3. 1. I’m really impressed with the vocabulary in this tale. It’s really great.
    2. How did you find such amazing vocabulary?
    3. One small improvement to make would be to change the cold lava fur to hot lava fur. Other than that, I really enjoyed reading this!

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