Most people think that unicorns are mythical creatures.  However, recent discoveries in various parts of the world show they are in fact just as real as you or I.  The water Pegasus is an example of such a creature.  These new discoveries have made scientists reevaluate the world we live in.  Because of these revelations, people are now in search of other such phenomena.

The Water Pegasus has a very light green colour because it needs to blend in with the water around it.  The Water Pegasus also has the ability to fly as well as swim, walk and run.  It is very easy to see whilst up in the sky.  The Water Pegasus is very big to scare away predators and enemies.  It is also very big because it needs to swim very fast to find their prey.  It’s body is about five foot long for warmth and protection.  It’s fur is 2 cm long to protect it from the cold and help it survive through the winter.  It’s fur will normally shed off or fall off when it gets warmer in the summer.  It’s tail and mane are a gorgeous light blue colour that glows green when in the water or in stress.  It’s calf will normally have a dark blue mane and a light purple tail.  It’s tail is very fluffy and warm for warming up it’s calf.  It’s wings are big and leathery to help it fly and swim.  It’s wings are the biggest wings of all animals on earth reaching up to 3 m from tip to tip.  It’s hooves are big and sturdy for lethal attacks.  It’s hooves are also used for breaking ice and attacking predators.  It’s horns are glittery for finding each other when lost or attacking predators.

This unique species of Water Pegasus live in the sea or by lakes where it can stay cool and dry to survive.  It will sometimes live in lakes or ponds to find better food.

The nature of this animal is very aggressive and cautious when raising it’s young.  When raising it’s young it can fight to the death or attack badly for protection of it’s calf.  The male Pegasus will consistently protect the calf if in danger or being attacked.

It will feed on sea weed and other meaty animals like crabs, octopus and squid.


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