Water Unicorn

Most people think that unicorns are mythical creatures.  However, recent discoveries in various parts of the world show they are in fact just as real as you and I.  The Water Pegasus is an example of such a creature.  These new discoveries have made scientists reevaluate the world we live in.  Because of these revelations people are now in search of other such phenomena.

Like most winged horses, they have a flowing mane, long tail and powerful wings.  The Water Pegasus which is a rare type of flying horse is found in the frozen land of the North Pole.  This type of Pegasus which loves water has a long frosted horn because it is harder for it to break while it is swimming in the icy water.  The Water Pegasus has a turquoise scaley body so it will be able to blend in with the water.  Amazingly they have gills like fish so they can breathe underwater.  This is why they have often been referred to as ‘dolphins of the sky’.  The water Pegasus is also known as the Northern Light because it only pops it’s head out when the Northern lights are in the sky.  This particular type of pegasus can walk on water because of it’s mystical powers.  The Water Pegasus has big, broad flippers to swim through rough storms.  It has large powerful wings to fly 7 miles into the sky.

The Water Pegasus lives in the North Pole.  They make their nests out of their icy breath and can be seen in rocky places to rear their young.  The nests are hidden on icebergs which means that they are hard to find.  Water Pegasi live near water otherwise their bodies run the risk of overheating.  These shy and wonderful winged horses strangely like flying around big rocks and other mysterious objects in large groups under the water.  Their young have long fur which falls off and gets replaced with scales.

To relax the Water Pegasus collects gemstones and they make collections which are hidden on icebergs and rocky caves.  The gemstone that the Water Pegasus collects have been mistaken for the lair of a dragon and this has led to the Water Pegasus being hunted.  Adult Pegasi as well as baby Pegasi have been disappearing over the last decades.

Water Pegasus like eating krill, plankton and fish which they can find in large groups if they are lucky.  Water Pegasus also referred to as the Water Unicorn like to steal other Pegasuses food.

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