The terrorbyte

While most people would agree the perfect plant doesn’t exist this plant disagrees the terrorbyte is a plant cable of killing the entire town with the horrible fumes it produces ,but let’s get back to the town that is a plant loving community that hasn’t got the guts to remove it. That’s why they put it in a massive containment bubble that has enough sunlight and rain for it to survive. This plant has a special stem that can hold anything from lava to acid to huge boulders this plant can hold anything at anytime anywhere.

This plant has petals that burn your hand of and pollen that explodes into the fumes (this only happens when the pollen is plucked away from its home) what ever juice or fume the Terrorbyte consumes that is what it shoots out when exploded.The reason the plant mostly lets out fumes is because right underneath the town is an old oil refinery. It has a stem like a cactus and petals like a hot cake tin coming out of the oven.

2 Responses to “AlexSHCP”

  1. Hi Alex , I love your description , but maybe next time you could add more information,where does the terrorbyte live ? From Maggie .

  2. This is good. Why did you pick the terrorbyte.

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