Space Hyena

The space Hyena is found in Mystic falls and is very endangered creature in most parts of mystic falls.The Space Hyena is very magnificent because it’s looks like a normal Hyena but at night or when it’s alone it glows a beautiful shade of purple,it’s teeth are as sharp as a blade and as white as pearls.There blood is unusual because it is purple and blue.If you see it out and about do not be mistaken because it is very strong.However it will not kill anything unless it’s hungry or protecting itself.It’s get by nothing because every animal sees it and runs Away.It it’s diet is the same as a carnivore it eats plants and meat.

When the Space Hyena is hunted it glows purple and uses it’s powers to protect itself.The Space Hyena’s powers involve real stars , chips of each planet and a planet ring to throw.

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