The big chunky unicorn

The big chunky unicorns are in fact the largest herd of unicorns and they are related to the mega fat unicorn species. Unicorn hunters can easily find big chunky unicorns because they are so large and noisy.
These gigantic unicorns live in massive caves full of leaves and twigs usually behind beautiful waterfalls.
You will definitely know if you see a big chunky unicorn as they are the size of a mammoth and they have one massive horn like a rhino. Their wings are massive at least twice the size of a normal unicorn.
They love to eat bark, straw,strawberries, raspberries and they really love bananas. They don’t like eating fish.
Sonetimes the big chunky unicorns can be aggressive and they are very greedy also lazy and like a scratch on the rocks. They can’t fly very well due and always crash into trees, so If you ever hear a thud in the woods then it’s likely to be a big chunky unicorn that has hit it’s head.

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