The Dogger by Finlay

                                                                         The Dogger

In Europe the Dogger has been found eating its lunch under a big red mushroom. Doggers can only come in male. They were thought to be extinct but amazingly, they have came back to life during the pandemic.

The Dogger comes in all colours and patterns. Furthermore, colour can also depend on how they act dark colours are hunters and evil lighter colours are nice and kind. Generally, they darker colours are rarest. The majority of the doggers are light colour so it makes Europe a very nice place to be.

In the morning, when they wake up the don’t get out of bed because the need a lot of sleep. They tend to wake up at 11:00. They entertain them selves by scratching trees or going for a swim. These creatures are very good at catching fish, so sometimes they can even help the population stay alive by leaving fish on the river bank. Interestingly, they climb trees to escape predators like bears. It is thought that there a lot of these creatures left in Europe.

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