The Lizard Dog

The Dog Lizard is one of the most calm creatures with humans. Amazingly, the Dog Lizard starts at the size of a 5year old lizard to a 78 year old dog! It can also camouflage. This amazing animal is not endangered at this moment but hunters still kill them for there skin to sell. The Dog Lizard has horns just in case it is being attacked. These creatures are starting to hate humans because of hunters, so stop hunting! The Dog Lizard loves eating Lizard Leafs because it’s one of the most common leafs to find in the world.These fascinating creatures are herbivores because hunting is to hard for them. Shocking, the Dog Lizard goes up to people even though they might be hunters.
Although they are loyal to humans, they can’t be pets until every hunter takes there shedded skin of the floor instead of killing them for it. Horrifying, if the animal feels threatened it’s eyes will turn red and will pounce at the person who is threatening them. Normally, it’s eyes are blue but it can change into to any colour depending on it’s mood.

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