The Reindeer unicorn

Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th November 2021

LO: I am learning to choose form and subject when writing non-fiction.


The Reindeer unicorn 


The Reindeer unicorn delivers presents for the little kids. But one thing about the reindeer unicorn is when she misses a kid she gets a bit upset. She is very rarire in her species because she is the last one of the reindeer unicorns to be alive.

She can only see a special unicorn which is called The fire exit that is her best friend

She also has rodoth, dasher, pranser, blitsion, corner, vision, comic as her other best friend.



The Reindeer unicorn livs is Santa’s grotto and every time she takes a sniff she smells the wam fire with the sinman churros, cookies and the Christmas tree with the candy cans on it. The reindeer unicorn can be found in the north pole and some were with 

Snow The reindeer unicorn loves the snow.

But she is mostly found in the north pole and south pole.

She lives with rodoth, dasher, pranser, blitsion, corner, vision, comic. 



Would you be able to recognise a reindeer unicorn if you saw one?

The reindeer unicorn has a candy cane saddle. It has a christmas tree as its horn. 

She has a red and green fluffy tail and she also has a brown fluffy coat with red and green ears. The reindeer unicorn has toffy hoths and when she gallops the toffy hoths leave a sticky trail. On her horn she has a dekerashion on the tree she has ball balls and tinsel. Sometimes she has green eyes. The reindeer unicorn had a bright red cherry nose. The candy cane saddle is also edball. If she eats a lot of carrots she will be able to see in the dark. If she gets special dust on her by Santer she can fly and help Santer to deliver presents.



The Reindeer unicorn eats sinman churros Santer said they don’t have to be a sertern tecster. And she eats carrots which make her eyes glow in the dark.

She can eat sugar blocks which will make her hipper and candi cans which make her hum christmas songs please Don’t feed the reindeer unicorn. 

If Santer feeds The Reindeers unicorn too much food The reindeer unicorns go hipper and crazy.



The Reindeer unicorn behaviour is sometimes happy but if she misses a kid she will be a bit upset with har selth. She is not the best at Halloween because it is not snowing and it is creepy. Sometimes she is happy on bonfire night because it is near christmas and it is cooled like christmas. She loves when you dance with her and play christmas music it makes her so happy and jumpy. She can get a bit excited

With anything that is happy but she is nice to people.


Closing Paragraph 

 Many people believe that the reindeer unicorn is alive. If it is do not ride it and do not feed the unicorn

do not harm the Reindeer unicorn so if you see one kepit to your distant between the

Reindeer unicorn because if you feed or do anything to the reindeer unicorn you will make her angry, so do not make her stressed and angry.

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