The sixty garden gnomes.

Last month Tim page 12 years old boy saw an ugly sight it was sixty  very, very ugly garden gnomes  messing up every bodies work.

Tim who lives in a  cottage at the end of newton tony, was minding his own business then he heard a very big thump coming from the middle of know where. so he told the the news people that he looked through the bushes  and saw ugly trolls with greasy beards and hair. they had mossy feet and hands. then he soon realized they where 3 ugly garden gnomes.

The newton tony news people investigated around the place and found sixty more garden gnomes. they said that it was very cool to see sixty real garden gnomes walking up to us. they also said they where very magical and rare things walking about they shooed bee out in the wiled with the other magical garden gnomes wear they are safe.

the police officers warned Tim about the series damage they can make and that you keep them safe in a cage fool of pillows , blankets, teddy bears and make it dark and scary they like that wen its nice and dark but remember keep them safe from unicorns, trolls, goblins ogres and  especially dragons.

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  1. Well done, you have included some great description. At the beginning of your writing included a relative clause. You have also used commas for a list. Make sure you go through your writing at the end to check your spellings.

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