The Sleeping Willow and the Mochi Rat

The Sleeping Willow


The Sleeping Willow sways side to side like it’s dancing to a soft tune. Most people don’t notice its swaying and swishing because swamp hippos eat off the leaves making the tree look motionless.The Sleeping Willows seeds fall off when a creature is eating the tree leaves so the creature will stop eating the leaves and will eat the seeds instead.


The tree is an olive green colour and the spindly branches are a chestnut brown, the leaves that sweep and swoop are a vert green. The Sleeping Willow droops and lolls this makes it look like the tree is about to collapse and fall asleep. A Sleeping Willow will Tremble aggressively if you get near it. The reason it does such a thing is because it can scare away potential predators.


It is extremely hard to find a Sleeping Willow but there is a trick that can make it easy. Go to the land of slimy surprises in the land of imagination. Grab a common flat back toad and carefully place it on the ground and ask the toad to lead you to a Sleeping Willow. Follow the toad and you will find what you are looking for.


The Mochi Rat


The Mochi Rat is a small delicate creature. They are very friendly but they are a bit cheeky. These little critters scamper and scurry wherever warmth is and they love a lie in. Mochi rats are surprisingly like humans! The little cuties have hobbies like: knitting, drawing, cooking and more! Sometimes you can catch these cheeky little rats wearing clothes like humans! 


The Mochi rat’s fur is soft. If you ever get to stroke one of the critters they leave white powder on your fingers, This would be powdered sugar! Despite being mochi these rats taste horrible so don’t try eating the cuties!

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