the sleepy unicorn

Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th November 2021

LO: I am learning to choose form and subject when writing non-fiction.



The sleepy unicorn(called junk food), which is a legendary type of unicorn(there’s only one in the world), is found near the haunted tower. Every 100 years  scientists come here to find one but when the Sleepy unicorn sees a person he vanishes into the dark being chased by the humans. The sleep unicorn does not sleep or go outside a lot. If he did sleep he would be an energetic unicorn which he does not want to be so he never sleeps.


The Sleepy Unicorn has two habitats, underwater or in the haunted forest where the terrifying tower is.He wants to find a place in the future where it’s quiet and peaceful and becomes an angel unicorn to make others feel delighted by him.He would gaze upon the water to see the rising sunshine against his face,he also loves the swashing sea against his smooth hooves that made a crunch in the sand.


  Would you be able to recognise a Sleepy Unicorn if you saw one? Well if you did you would definitely be lucky because of his flowing lavender hair in the wind when he clatters around with his moon orbit horn with the sunshine colored flowers. If you saw him you would see his violet eyes and his charming canary necklace swing through his silver velvety fur. His wings would be like snow falling from the icey clouds in the baby blue sky.There would a 00000.1% chance of finding this yunicorn in any season except for winter. It hates the winter. Whenever it’s winter his iris tail sways and shivers like an iceberg in the glacier water.Every spring though, the sleepy unicorn goes outside because it’s good for its woolly head(this is for all seasons just not winter).


The Sleepy Unicorn only eats junk food because it can’t cook nor be able to use a stove so he eats junk food and named himself junk food. His parents didn’t want a flying unicorn because they are very dangerous and only eat junk food ( so he couldn’t even eat normal food) he eats: cotton candy, pizza, burger, nuggets,chips,chicken wings ,cake,cookies, milk chocolate/dark chocolate, any sweets like haribos, candy corn and any crisps . he doesn’t drink a lot but in the angel unicorn religion u need the recipe to the water they drink: purify water, salt and sugar, grass, cinamon, orange juice,chocolate ( one piece) one cup of flour and a sprinkle of hay.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


 The sleepy unicorn is not violent. It’s only violent when somebody has made him vegetables for food or when someone tries to be disrespectful to him or something he likes.You could NEVER ride his back, he would drop you and make u break a lot of your bones and step over your face with his soft hooves.If you try to feed him he would constantly fly away till you are bored and goes away ( he would take it if its bad food)                                                                                                                                



Closing Paragraph 

Many people say that the sleepy unicorn still rhomes the island of wonders and became an angel unicorn a year later and has had a proven wish that the island of wonder is full of different unicorns now. Till this day sleepy unicorns have become one in a three million chance in the world and angel unicorns are 7 million. People think that when you ride the sleepy unicorn you get a wish ! remember to be nice to all unicorns even if they’re unkind. Let’s keep these wonderful creatures forever from all the horrible things out there.They are going to come for something special where the angel unicorns live but what is it?..

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