The Sneagle by Holly

The Sneagle is a rapid animal that can survive in and out of water. It is a mix of a Snake and an eagle that looks very unique. Only 23 of these remain in The Field Of Fose. Amazingly, If you see one of these, make sure to snap a picture- it could earn you over £1,000!

The Sneagle has been targeted of its slicked back, dark green fur which is exactly what animal hunters are looking for to make new winter coats. Also, It has one wing on the right side of its slim body making it able to fly 10 metres above the ground. The figure has a small snake like head around the side of a pine cone. It has ruby red eyes and is most commonly known as a beast. This has been judged as one of the strangest animals alive today.

Generally, it likes to eat a handful of squashed down frogs and jellyfish. However, when it gets really hungry, it can sometimes chomp on children! Weirdly, for entertainment, they like to watch animals fighting. Also, when it’s the summer season, the majority of the time they like to sunbathe and turn from a chocolatey brown to a sparkling peach colour! Consequently, they are close to becoming extinct from the amount of humans they are attacking/ killing.

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