The Snion by Noah

The Snion

The Snion is a mix of a snake and a lion that lives in the mountains so it can catch its prey easily. However, they are usually hunted and stuffed by humans to put on display at the Bristol Museum. Furthermore, these creatures have defended themselves against the humans, and have killed over a 100 hunters. Moreover, these creatures normally don’t kill unless there under attack.

Almost all Snions have a emerald like scaly smooth tail instead of any legs. Some have no tail due to the way they are born. They have a sturdy built body that helps them lift food on their back if they can’t lift it in there mouth. It is thought that the mane of the creature is half snake skin and half lion fur. Generally, the snake half of their mane, is the part that Snions shed off and then it grows back after 2 days.

Most of these creatures have a routine. Usually they like to sleep for about 5-6 hours a day because for the rest of the night they go looking for food. Weirdly, the activity they like to do is rub their back against a tree nearby for at least 10 minutes.

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