The Snow Bending Unicorn

The Snow Bending Unicorn



The Snow Bending Unicorn, which is a rare type of ice unicorn, can survive underwater and is seen in the gigantic, snowy mountains looking for its prey. During the covid nineteen pandemic, they snuck into towns and scavenged the markets for food and other unicorns. Sometimes when they get spotted by civilians they will run and hide in a pond or if it is snowing, a pile of snow.  Last time they were properly photographed was in the 1980’s in the cold war but people have spotted the slightest bit of evidence that they are still around today like hair from their cobalt blue, flowing mane and small shards of their mystical horn, which has magical powers. A small group of scientists every month try to explore into the mountains to find evidence of the Snow Bending Unicorn’s existence.



The Snow Bending Unicorn, which is normally spotted in the Himalayan Mountains, is seen spying on the villages that had just been made by their human inhabitants. The snow bending unicorns have to hide deeper in the mountains as we expand civilization because our technology is making climbing the rough mountains a lot easier than fifty years ago. They have the ability to breathe underwater so they sometimes make dens on the side of cliffs. If they get spotted they quickly dive into the nearest water source to make a swift escape so they can’t get tracked and hunted as there is only a few left of their species making them the rarest type of unicorn (or pegasus).



Would you be able to recognise a Snow Bending Unicorn if you saw one? Most likely not as they are very similar to their cousin the Water Pegasus. They have an admiral blue thick flowing mane that whips around in the wind and a shimmering scaly tail that will appear when they begin to swim. The reason there are only a few left is because they used to be a bright emerald green but now they have evolved to have a thick lapiz blue coat that helps them to camouflage and stay warm in the treacherous valleys of the Himalayan Mountains. The Snow Bending Unicorn has a mystical horn that has special powers such as blowing ice out of its mouth and spraying predators with a smoke cloud of snow. They tend to be really quiet because of their broad webbed hooves that make it easy for them to walk in the snow and swim in the ocean silently. They tend to have a size of 18 hands (6 foot) so they are large creatures.


These infrequent species have a very vast diet depending on where they are in the world. If they are hiding in the scarce mountains they depend on yaks for food sources (yaks can make milk and act as food) as that is the only animal around as only few things can survive in the extreme cold. If the Unicorn find themselves in a town they will look for food scraps in the dust bins or if that task is too risky they might try to steal from the murderous butcher store as they really like to eat meat and  When travelling the will stay close to the berry blue ocean just in case they get hungry as a big part of their diet includes fish and seaweed. If it is a last resort they will try to eat sharks or colossal squid.



The Snow Bending Unicorn ,which seem like quite gentle creatures, are really cheeky as they tend to take human things and collect them as little souvenirs. However, they are really calm when around another clan of unicorns because they are really lonely in the frigid mountains. These creatures are very skittish as they are worried of being tracked by unicorn hunters so they like to come out around winter time so it is harder to get spotted in all the fog and snow(it is hard for them to survive in the summer and spring heat). As a hobby they like make ice sculptures and after a few years they would have enough to fill a museum 


Closing Paragraph

Many people think these creatures don’t mean anything but these are for the generation that will come next so they can have the wonder we had so we recommend if you find The Snow Bending Unicorn or think there is one in your area please keep this to yourself and never approach them or ride them as they are really fidgety and could buck and kick you of and potentially injure you severely. If you really want to find one look around for a footprint double the size of your hands and please don’t try to hunt them.

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