the snow unicorn

Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th November 2021

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                                                           The snow unicorn


The Snow Unicorn, which is the rarest type of unicorn, loves to walk around frosty, cold mountains. In the 1950’s these unicorns were hunted every day due to how rare they were. In 1954 they gave up looking for them as it was impossible for them to be found .  Scientists reckon that there are only roughly 100 of this type of species left in the world, but nobody knows exactly how many there are. Only three sightings of the rare snow unicorn have been made over the years: James Richards,1924; Emily Lemmings, 1930 and Louis Kingwell, 1945.


These amazing species, who live in the Arctic,  have to change locations to stay away from predators, their prime place that they like to hide away is the mountains, as they prefer the cold weather over the hot. They live in a snowy haven in the mountains , which has icicles hanging off the top of it. The scent of the cave is not appealing,it smells like deceased children and there are children’s bones all over the cave.  When they have to abandon their haven, they head up to Antarctica which is not as cold as what they are used to but is still colder than our human lands. 


Would you be able to recognise a snow unicorn if you saw one? Most of these winged horses look exactly like each other; there is only little of this species that look unlike its relatives. These incredible creatures have white as snow fur that covers their whole body, with a tail a  beautiful, dazzling sapphire colour which is as soft as cotton. Their wings are as strong as a brave knight’s armour and their blood is a strong thick midnight blue. Their horn is as sparkly as the queen’s diamonds and they have eyes a ice blue. These species are 8ft tall and are classed as one of the tallest creatures on the planet. 


These species look cute and cuddly but their diet is scarier than their appearance. Other unicorns eat grass and berries and innocent things, when this type of unicorn eats the thing that most parents dread. Children, it’s a weird diet but these types of creatures find children scrumptious; they especially love the smell of them. As these things are their biggest predators they try to get rid of them. Obviously they can’t get children every day so they eat icicles when they can’t feed on a yummy child


This sentimental, scary ,sensational type of creature can have a weird behaviour: they like to have the world in their hands to be in an ordinary human mood but when they can’t have it their way they have a complete meltdown like the world has just ended. You can never class these species as happy because they are only happy on one day of the year ,October 31st when all the children go trick or treating in the town below the  mountains. It is their perfect time to eat a handful of children for a scrumptious meal that will last them days. To relax they like to have a walk  or sleep in snow that is as soft as feathers. 

Closing Paragraph 

Many people believe that if you gain their trust they can be kind and they will trust you but that has not been proved. If you see one of these do not approach it as it may become vicious and can attack and don’t tell anyone as they are nearly extinct and are hunted very often. Do you believe that these creatures are in your area? Let’s hope that in the future these species are still alive and healthy.

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