The snow unicorn

Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th November 2021

LO: I am learning to choose form and subject when writing non-fiction.


The Snow Unicorn


The Snow Unicorn, which is an extraordinary type of Unicorn, is a white-coloured Unicorn that, like its surroundings is white so it camouflages its area,thus resulting with its predator turning very quickly into prey since the Unicorn can sneak up to it  and attack. Did you know that it is a relative of the Sea Unicorn,which is the ancestor of the other relative of the Snow Unicorn, the Fire Unicorn.The Snow Unicorn comes out mostly in February. They like to dig holes with their razor-sharp, black claws. Only five sightings have been made though only two were confirmed. His ice breath is its favourite way of dealing with enemies, so watch out!



The Snow Unicorn lives in burrows dug by their sharp claws that can tear through the hardest ice like a hot knife through butter. They go underground so it is safe and can rear its young safely. They get their food by digging traps and putting bait in. They also dig trenches.The doors are an infusion of hard snow and ice. Their ice breath also helps to reinforce the door itself. It also uses the ice breath to harden the cave it digs out so it’s stable. It makes sure that the interior is roomy so it has enough space for its younglings and for itself.



The Snow Unicorn has a snow coloured coat so that it camouflages with the surroundings.These beautiful creatures have a long,arctic blue silky mane.Would you recognise it if you saw one? probably not since its blue-white colours blend in with the ground so you would have more chance of not seeing than actually seeing it.These creatures have wings but when falling from a height their reflexes take over and beautiful aqua blue wings unfurl from its scaly belly.When it is galloping there is a trail of snow fell from its cobalt tail.Ice also forms every step of the way because of its ice hooves.When angry the midsection turns a fiery gold and ice beams shoot from its three horns.It also uses its ice breath to freeze its enemy in place in a instant.Top tip always back away when you see one and flee when you see it glow gold.If you make an offering, it may let you ride it and may take you home.



The Snow Unicorn eats a variety of meat and herbs.They also eat the rare Fentis Berry, when it eats it it turns crystal clear and its body sparkles like a diamond.If by any chance you see one grab all of them and find the nearest snow unicorn and give them to its young and itself. This may be your only way of safe passage if the Unicorn is guarding the gate out.These Unicorns also eat fish as well since they can live in the ocean and small ponds as well as rivers.



The Snow Unicorn has a grumpy nature usually roaming the open snow plain looking for a fight though it does not like to encounter the the dangerous species.It is a custom of the elders to perform a rite and the selected go to kill a certain species of animal and wear the skin as armour. When cheerful, it joins with other Snow Unicorns in a game of snowball snowdodge (which is the same as dodgeball but they morph the snow into balls and shoot them at each other at breakneck speed but they can make a wall of ice with their horns and breath).When angered they literally glow and charge at you. The Snow Unicorn loves to collect gems and travelers’ possessions. 


Closing Paragraph 

The Snow Unicorn is gentle and won’t hurt you.iIf you know one in your local area then keep it a secret since their hide is priceless.and small strips are used for ranking.If you feed them Fentis berries then they may grant you their trust. So let’s keep these nice creatures safe for all future generations.

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